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Doing market research for my company. I am trying to get as many MTG players as possible to fill this out. To do so, you can comment, or note me.

Gamer's Creation

Are you male or female?

Please choose your age group?
Under 15  15-20  20-30  30-40  Over 40

Are you a Magic the Gathering player?

How much money do you spend, on average, on Magic the Gathering a month? Per set?

Do you ever find a card that you are disappointed in?

Do you wish that you could make some minor changes to these cards?

Do you ever create your own custom cards?

Do you think there should be a tournament where players can play decks with custom cards?

Do you think these cards should be reviewed to make sure they are balanced before players can use them in a tournament?

Would you attend a tournament like this?
Finally, after quite a long time of not being able to get Magic Set Editor, it finally dawned on me to put the download file onto a flash drive to then transport it to my home PC... It worked...

Now I'm to have a LOT of MTG cards being uploaded, as soon as I get the pictures to do it.

As for the group, after much thought, I'm thinking of making an NSFW folder, that would contain all (obviously) NSFW cards/fanart/etc... If any of you think this isn't a good idea, please tell me.

Also, I'm moving Votes to 1 vote needed for submission, but please stop trying to submit to Featured unless you believe it belongs in the folder.


Also, I need everyone who's physically active to say something on this one, otherwise I may not be able to come up with the next contest.
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Gallery Folders

Avacyn the Purifier - Magic The Gathering by laOchoCinco
Avacyn the Purifier - Magic The Gathering by laOchoCinco
3D Alter Set: Hive Mind by ThirdOfClubs
Magic The Gathering belt buckle MTG by TimforShade
Kird Ape: 3D by Hurley-Burley-Alters
Eight and 1/2 Tails: Ninetales by Hurley-Burley-Alters
Savage Summoning: Minecraft by Hurley-Burley-Alters
Ad Nauseam: Border Extension with wings by Hurley-Burley-Alters
Lotus Petal Proxy by Hurley-Burley-Alters
3D Life Counter: Moonsilver Spear by ThirdOfClubs
Sword of Feast and Famine: Border Extension by Hurley-Burley-Alters
Shinso by thesamuraiman
3D Life Counter: Vodalian Zombie by ThirdOfClubs
3D Life Counter: Mass Calcify by ThirdOfClubs
3D Life Counter: Armed // Dangerous by ThirdOfClubs
3D Life Counter: Random Encounter #2 by ThirdOfClubs
Giving of Gajar by bioshock1988
Alara Reborn Alternate Art Maelstrom Nexus by lizking10152011
Honden of Infinite Rage Alt. Art and Old Style by lizking10152011
Paradox Haze Extended Art by Pon3-Master
Fan Art and Other Art
Jason Momoa as Garruk Wildspeaker by Bardswing
Duck Matt by Hurley-Burley-Alters
Nice walking by Shiva-Diavilla
Erebos,  god of the dead by Shiva-Diavilla
Instants and Sorceries
3D Life Counter: Cunning Strike by ThirdOfClubs
3D Life Counter: Stoic Rebuttal by ThirdOfClubs
3D Life Counter: Morgue Burst by ThirdOfClubs
3D Life Counter: Bant Charm by ThirdOfClubs
3D Life Counter: Frontier Bivouac by ThirdOfClubs
3D Life Counter: Terramorphic Expanse by ThirdOfClubs
3D Alter: Glimmerpost by ThirdOfClubs
Champ. of. Kamigawa Alt. Art. Minamo by lizking10152011
Liliana of the Veil: Border Extension by Hurley-Burley-Alters
Nami, The Tidecaller by Nelsonngyn0
Thair Nyras by bioshock1988
Liliana Healer of Avacyn by thenobletheif
Counterspell Extended Art by LaineyElaina
Devilkin Shaman by LeoLeonardo-III
Devilkin by LeoLeonardo-III
Akara, Town Healer by LeoLeonardo-III
Silly Cards
Custom Card: Seto Kaiba by ThirdOfClubs
3D Alter: Zombie Token by ThirdOfClubs
Contest Entries
Descsive Flare - #Fanmade-MTG's 1st Contest Entry by Nelsonngyn0


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Some Stuff You Should Know

We have really no rules to what you can submit. Just no nudity please.
submissions may be denied by discretion of admins. (I (Nelsonngyn0) am sure that many won't be denied though.)

You can post custom cards that you make or any kind of fanart, so go wild!
Although please make sure you submit to the correct folder.

One thing that is important to remember when making your cards is to credit the original artist of the art you use.

If you have any suggestions or questions just send a note and one of our admins will gladly acknowledge.



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daydreamdirty Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
So what happened to this group? Where's everyone at? Also I live in Charlottesville, VA if anyone is interested in playing some custom mtg.
ClandestineWubs Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not exactly sure... I've been inactive due to reasons (that, and I lost the entire Diablo II themed set I was working on...)

We do need a few members to help pick the group back up, though.
daydreamdirty Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Well I'm still making cards, albeit at a slower rate, but Still working on them. Hit me up if you need anything or need any help that I can provide.
LeoLeonardo-III Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
I've got a lot of issues going on IRL, and I'm now unable to make cards. If you can help further the group, I'd be happy to give you the power to :meow:
daydreamdirty Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I'll try.  I've become busy myself sadly but I do enjoy making cards and custom challenge decks.
daydreamdirty Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Anyone need help with anything here?
I'm great with everything that doesn't involve drawing.
For example....

Admiral Orlock 4BBB
Legendary Creature -- Helghast
Admiral Orlock comes into play with two 1/1 black Helghast Assault Trooper creature tokens with first strike that say “When Admiral Orlock dies, sacrifice this creature instead.”.
Every opponent must pay an additional 2 mana to cast each spell and 1 additional mana when activating abilities.
2/3  rare
He quickly developed as reputation for brutality in battle, and was known to be as ruthless to his own men as he was to the enemy.
— killzone.wikia

I would like to join if possible.

Lastly, I'm looking for a little bit of help myself.
Can I get someone here to take some images from mtg cards and put them together so I can make a playmat out of it?  I don't have the photoshop skills that some of you all have. Most of the images are already premade and those that aren't I will either get or will skip.

What I'm trying to do is to make a playmat with the main two characters being Reki, the storyteller and Skillborrower being in the middle with Reki telling stories to others. The six alternate primeval dragons, the six praetors and a few others I would like to see on the mat as well, with them all listening to Reki tell his stories.

The background would be taken off of Reki's background picture from his mtg card or something similar to that.

Anyway, is there anyone willing to help me out here?
Bardswing Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
Thank for accepting ^^
Patterson75 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist
How can i join this group? Can find d join button!
bricktop666 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
My banned list of custom MTG cards:

Wizard Sphere
Dreadlord Berserker
Book of Bad Luck
Darkholm Assassin
Devious Moon
Firestorm Ultimatum
Goblin Welder Master
Haxthon Demonlord
Heavy Load
Infernis the Blacksin
Jaral Dirwood Assassin
Master of Pain
Mobile Market
Ooze Eggs
Plague Spreader
Mentally Vexed
Serpent Servant
Sinister Picker
The Gifter
Trickster's Prank
Anarchid Overlord
Betrayer of Madness
JuJu, Jewel Confidant
Bloodborn Traitor
Demon of Judgment
Devils Segal
Devilstorm Surge
Devini, Greedy Fists
Froze Zone
Heathens, Cold Killer
Leonin Segal
Mindblowing Experiment
Destructive Brutality
Nyhilist Deathfists
Ticker Bombs
Tomb of Devini
Tower of Lost Hope
Burning Cult's Phoenix
Dragon Segal
Dragon Ultimatum
Ezar Doombringer
Manipulators Dream
True Power
Fortune Keeper
Fortune Thief
Furnace Wolves
Greedy Thief
Little Bastard
Mage of Trickery
Ostix Dukim
Ritual of Flame
Sacred Moon Sage
Secret Tombs
The Burning Cult
Warden of the Wild
Abyssal Instincts
Azorius Ancestor Monument
Distracted Fools
Elitists of Orzhov
Ghoul Cult
Guardians of the Tomb
Harun Judge of the Meek
Idyllic Aura Blessing
Izzet Ancestor Monument
Kaestrom Sunrise
Magth Chaos Breather
Mistress of Pain
Nightmare Mastermind
Orzhov Blood Cult
Psychgrid Shot
Qu’que Master of Life
Rakdos Gladiator
Req Monk
Sage of the Wild
Viker Chieftan
Vsumn Death Sea Monarchy
Abyss Overlord
Angelic Monument
Artifact Graveyard
Artifical Chaos
Crushing Wave
Exterminate Your Mind
Furnace Outburst
God’s Anthem
Gorefiend Hellspawn
Haunted Town
Heart of the Wild
Jace’s Return
Kalipso, Death Knight
Karrthus Overlord of Jund
Kon, Demon of Rakdos
Manipulator’s Eye
Pitsire Reaper
Primeval Ultimatum
Sliver Chaos Engine
Tafel Nagine
Ukiu the Mindbreaker
Vice Cannabilzer
Wealth Temple
Asgoth Bloodbringer
Bitter End
Blazerock Colossus
Dethox, Rampage Overlord
Fitrew, the Soulcaster
Horn of the Heavens
Minister of Braex
Power Overload
Staff of the Demigods
Stalker of Death
Veteran of the Woods
Wicked Wood Shaman
Widow of Calamity
Clockwork Blast Forger
Crypt Angel
Demonic Apprehension
Dimir Chaos
Dlade, Light Betrayer
Izzetflame Wurmcoil
Oblivion Wurm
Phyrexian Pest
Queen of the Hosts
Saint Javlin the VII
True Identity/Total Chaos
Vex Armor
Wolfbane Shaman
Armageddon Demon
Doom Hounds
Geminard Mythstone
Hell Reborn
Ithica, Mutation One
Jenkis Revenge Adept
Legend’s Myth
Luxbrand’s Spellbook
Pathos Storm
Rafalo the Brainwave
Shaman of Life
Sharuuz Moonstill
The Blackest Curse
Angel of Justice and Fury
Angelic Order
Archangel of Augros
Archon of Black Dawn
Atmospheric Change
Cut-Throat Hag
Diabolic Veil
Fal Angeon
Fighting Arena
Gazi Tri-Ock
Khazav Darkholm Warlord
Lioth, Swamp Tyrant
Psychgrid Nemesis
Smog Adept
Sun’s Energy
The Wind Maker
Unleash Hell
bricktop666 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013
I've been on a hiatus from making cards because of my job. But I'll upload more soon.
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